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Honey Cap


My name is Donna and ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of being a fashion designer. I studied and worked hard to make my dream a reality…and for a short time I actually lived my dream. I have worked for some of the biggest architectural and fashion design firms in NYC. In 1996, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl…with Sickle Cell Disease…and my life changed. I quit my job to care for her full time but I never gave up on my dream. In 2008 I started a successful design blog called, Soul Pretty…as well as an etsy shop where I sell things that I am passionate about.

My daughter has heroically, faced many medical set backs over the years, two strokes, two brain surgeries as well as years of monthly blood transfusions…fast forward to three years ago, January 5, 2010 when my daughter underwent a successful, experimental, un-related, bone marrow transplant curing her of Sickle Cell Disease and a stranger changed our life! The power that a stranger can change a life was not lost on me.

I became borderline obsessed with the idea of strangers changing lives. That’s what I want to do, but how?

While making a hat for my daughter who had recently suffered a bought with bronchitis, it hit me. …I could make hats, sell them and with each hat sold…donate one to the kids at the hospital, kind of like TOM’s shoes. Being in the hospital is not fun…losing all your hair is totally not fun but these hats are FUN. I can’t wait to see the kids face when they see these cool hats coming their way…encouraging them to “bear” with their treatment just a little longer.

Please understand that this is a very, very grassroots effort. Like, this is the first seed but it could be something big that’s why I’m asking for your support. Please purchase a hat for yourself or someone you know and I will donate one to a kid in the hospital. Let’s start there. Strangers helping strangers.